Get in lane

I chose a good time to go swimming this afternoon, just me and a couple of others, and they weren’t even swimming, just bobbing. This meant I had a whole lane to myself and could luxuriate with outstretched limbs and not have to look where I was going too much…until another woman decided to join me. Tsk. There were two other lanes – both empty – and she decided to go in slow motion in my lane! I just ducked under the divider and carried on my delicious lane-hogging session. As I swam, I saw a man climbing down the steps. I thought the lifeguard might stop him because he was wearing clothes, but he carried on down the ladder and got his chinos all wet. How odd.

So, I did a km then went to shower. I mentioned the other day that a woman had been doing that horrid snorting/spitting combo in the showers, well it must be commonplace around here because someone else was at it today. It’s fine to do this kind of thing in the privacy of your own bathroom, but please keep your gob to yourself and don’t share it from the next shower, drifting towards me in a pool of bubbles.



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