Oh so tired

I can hardly keep my eyes open. Yes, I know it’s 9.47 in the morning and I should be feeling alert and bright, but I’m simply knackered today. I went up to Manchester yesterday to see the students on Interactive Arts, did a talk about my work, did some tutorials and generally had a catch up with everyone, it did mean getting up at 5.30 and not getting home until 11.30-ish though, hence the tiredness.

It’s another gorgeous day again (but they are forecasting snow and gales over the weekend?!!) so I might head over for a swim later, when I feel a bit more awake.

The sleeping situation is a bit skewed here at the moment: our ‘new’ neighbours are using the room above our bedroom as their bedroom and neither of us are able to sleep due to the snoring! It’s really awful being able to hear some other person snoring happily while you lie wide awake staring at the ceiling, so we have spent the last week on the futon in the living room. It’s like camping out in your own home, but means we get to sleep through the night, and I need my sleep right now – I’m sleeping for two!


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