Too tired

I did go swimming on Friday, but have only just got round to writing about it. I suppose I left my swim too late that day, and felt whacked when I got there. I stood at the end of the pool feeling tired before I had even started! I did a steady 30 lengths before I decided that was enough. Edward joined me too, he’s really getting into this swimming lark, in fact he plans to do his Channel Swimming Challenge again, to see how quickly he can finish it.

Well done to Ellie on her Swimathon yesterday – she beat her 5k time by a whole four minutes on last year, that’s really great!

I didn’t swim yesterday, or today: I have been suffering quite badly with rib-ache over the past few days, and I think it must be down to the baby moving upwards. I also have an annoying soreness in the base of my sternum, which is even keeping me awake at night 😦 Hopefully me bones’ll settle down again soon.

We ventured into John Lewis yesterday to do our first bit of baby shopping. It felt odd buying things for this little person who doesn’t even exist yet in the outside world! I think we were both a bit overwhelmed by the whole experience, so decided to just be practical and buy things that we will really need once he comes along: some little white t-shirt body suits, tiny little socks, a changing mat and a Tummy Tub – this is the latest in bathing for babies, a bucket style bath that allows the baby to be in the water up to their shoulders and to curl into a foetal position. Apparently it’s very soothing (and it takes up less room than a conventional baby bath, which we need to consider with our lack of space). We will be buying the pram with my parents, who want to get this for us, and the cot will be the other big buy. We are being very minimal in our purchases, believing that the baby doesn’t need half of the things out there, and we don’t have the space or money to get sucked into it all.


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