In the fast lane

Well, I did have the fast lane all to myself but I wasn’t exactly going fast! It’s all relative. I am finding that the front crawl bits of my swim are getting harder: I get out of breath quicker and even have to pause every so often (I make myself do this because I would normally push on ahead). I’ve been watching the Melbourne swimming on the telly, and tried the lovely rippling dolphin type move they do as they push off from the side; felt like a real pro 😉

So, that’s 1k swum and just 1 and a tiny bit of a k away from completing my Channel Swimming Challenge book!

Once again, I was exasperated by the state of the changing rooms; they really are disgusting. There are truly grubby bits on the walls of the cubicles that I know would have come off if they were ever washed, but have been there for ages. I am going to speak to the manager next time I see him – he tends to keep a low profile though.


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