I swam the Channel!

Well, over a period of a few months, but I did it! This morning Edward and I headed off to the pool so I could do my last session and he started his next challenge. He did complete his book the other week, but felt so ashamed that it took him so long, that he’s doing it again in a really committed way. When we got to the pool he realised he’d left his wallet at home, so had to go back and get it. In the time he was gone, I waited in the queue for the lovely women behind the counter to get their acts together. They are so rude, don’t even make eye contact – don’t they realise their day would be so much more interesting and enjoyable if they interacted with the customers? So, I had only done 4 lengths by the time Edward came in!

We chose a good time to go, so it was nice and quiet and we both shared a lane with one other person, both of whom were considerate which always makes for a more enjoyable swim. Edward even had a conversation with his guy – you get a better class of swimmer in the morning.

42 lengths: completed the Channel Swimming Challenge.


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