Ms Energetic

I’ve been super energetic today and been for a swim and to yoga. I was feeling a bit crappy this morning after a rubbish work day yesterday…I won’t go into it, but I wasn’t happy. Yoga was just what I needed. There were a couple of new people in the class today, and one who is behind me – she still seems bigger though! I looked around the room and decided that everyone is just different. It felt great to stretch out and breathe deeply, but I felt a bit fidgety and impatient to be honest, like I’ve got a bit too much energy at the moment. I guess I’m just at that special stage in my pregnancy, better make the most of it!

When we did our ’round the room, tell us how many weeks you are’ thing at the beginning, one of the new women said ‘I feel fine, but I’m REALLY IRRITABLE – even the birds singing are annoying me!’ There were knowing nods and agreeing sounds from everyone; it seems I’m not the only one who feels a bit on edge – it’s the hormones!

This afternoon Edward and I went for our swim. It seemed like rubbish timing at first because the queue was out of the door, and it was ‘Splash and dash’ time, or whatever they call it. We decided to get our ticket and pop to the library until the sugared-up kids had done their splashing. Turned out to be quite quiet by the time we went in, and I did a lovely 40 lengths. I like going swimming with Edward: we do this nod and smile thing whenever we pass each other in the water.


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