Good Friday?

It wasn’t a good night: went to bed, dropped off straight away then we were woken noisily by our neighbours coming in late. I’m not sure if I got back to sleep at all, but his snoring was the worst it’s ever been: Edward and I tried ear plugs and we could still hear him. We ended up going into the living room at about 3am in an attempt to get some sleep.

I’m knackered.

Edward got up early (they were crashing around again) and asked if I wanted to sleep or go swimming, I wanted to swim of course, but I just felt so tired I told him to go and I would catch him up. I hadn’t realised that Good Friday still meant something, especially around here, but on my way to the pool I was amazed at how few people were around; it was nice. As people seem to be off work, it did mean the pool was full, but full of lane swimmers – every spare bit of water had someone carving their way up and down.

I started off in the open bit, then noticed Edward had the fast lane just for him and a slowish woman, so I ducked under. After a while a very competitive thrashing man joined in, and I felt like he’d get annoyed with me, so ducked under into the middle lane, where I kept catching up with the man in front…and so on. It was quite irritating really, and I certainly wasn’t in the right frame of mind (I think I’m still fed up from the other day’s work situation as well).

I might stop moaning in a minute.

Anyway, a thrashing lady then came into the middle lane and it was a bit like being on a bus going along Oxford Street: move a bit, pause, wait for some space, catch up, slow down. I had only done 26 lengths, so Edward said ‘Do 30’, so I thought I’d feel better doing thirty than just giving up then.

I need to shake this mood off.


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