Lane rage

For various reasons, we ended up going swimming at about 8pm last night. Never again. I walked into the pool and could see Edward hanging around at the edge. When I got over to him he looked very unimpressed: there were three lanes being used by the swimming club (that was three swimmers) and they were going to be in until 9pm. The rest of the pool was jam packed. Edward said ‘It’s not even worth getting in, let’s go’. There was no way I was going to go, having just got undressed and put my attractive swimming cap on, so said ‘let’s just get in and do a few lengths’.

It was hellish.

I was in a lane of seven people – yes, SEVEN people – and none of the others had any idea about lane etiquette. I just decided to take it easy and go with the flow, but when people are going in all directions and thrashing right at you with no control, it’s a bit hair raising! At one point there was a woman on her back, feet first, sort of hovvering; I couldn’t make out which direction she was going in, maybe backwards?! I had to overtake her. Another girl wanted to get into the next lane so, instead of waiting until I’d gone by, she decided to swim UNDER me, with her legs flailing all over the place! At this point I felt worried that I might get my bump kicked, so moved out of the way. I had done 30 lengths, somehow, so thought it was ok.

After I did this, the whole lane quietened down, so I thought I might as well carry on (Edward had another 16 still to do) so kept going to 40 lengths. One thing I didn’t get was that people were hanging about at the end and, when you swum up to turn around, nobody moved, no space to turn. They were just gossiping in Polish I think. Maybe I should take lessons.

We won’t be going at that time again.

We are off up to Manchester and Wales in a bit, and will be taking our kit with us, so should get some swimming done in different pools: hopefully the Commonwealth pool in Manc – they sometimes have the full 50 m open in the morning…nice.


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