Verruca socks

Urgh. I was swimming behind a woman at one point today and she was wearing verruca socks on both feet; all I could think about were the germs lurking beneath. It was lovely and sunny when we went to the pool and I felt like I was on holiday, sort of. I started off in the ‘medium’ lane and had it to myself for a little bit, then two other people came in, then three girls who were together decided to come in as well. Tsk, why not spread out a bit?! I slipped into the slow lane, but kept catching the other man up – incidentally, he looked like an ageing Errol Brown from Hot Chocolate – he was swimming REALLY slowly and I was treading water behind him at one point, but not creating any distance between us! Oh well, I got to my 1k eventually.

As we were going in to the pool it was really kicking off: a woman was first of all talking loudly to the girl behind the desk but, as she wasn’t getting anywhere she got louder and louder until she was screaming ad swearing at the manager. I really don’t think he handled it very well at all, just shouted back and refused to help her ‘We are here to serve people who want to be served’. Part of me wanted to say ‘the staff here are really rude and I agree that this woman should be wound up’, but she was a bit scary and I didn’t want to get caught up in it all. Edward said all the men in the changing rooms were talking about it, and they all agreed that the staff are rubbish.

I’m really enjoying swimming at the moment, I feel strong and enjoy the feeling of achievement afterwards, but I am recently finding things like going to the supermarket or walking briskly a bit harder, like I’m beginning to slow down as I get bigger. Today has been hectic and I feel knackered but there is nowhere to lie down: we are going to swap our rooms around tonight, so the bed has been dismantled 😦


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