Does my bump look big in this?

Hmmmm, just wondering about the size of my bump. People often seem disappointed that I’m not huge (and not waddling, or craving twigs and coal), but I feel quite big enough. Here’s a photo taken yesterday:

Bump 36 weeks

I am now 36 weeks (and a few days) and the bump measures 42.5 inches around the widest point. When my midwife measures him, he’s the right size for the number of weeks and that’s reassurance enough for me. I suppose I have just been sensible throughout the pregnancy and not seen it as an excuse to stuff myself silly with cakes – I certainly haven’t stopped myself having the things I want, but I seem  to have found a balance where the baby gets what he needs and I keep up my energy levels.

I’m sure the regular swimming and yoga must have helped too.


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