Up and running again!


This morning I went for my first run in almost a year! Last night, Edward and I decided to go for a run this morning, taking Hector in his buggy and taking it in turns to do a circuit of the park (E needs it more than me I think 😉 ) Of course, when we woke up this morning it was tipping it down, but we were bold and went out anyway. At one point I thought maybe we were a bit cruel/selfish making Hector go out, but took one look at him in his warm cardigan (thank you uncle Stephen), under his cosy blanket and sheltered under the (horrid) plastic rain cover of his buggy and decided he was quite happy! He loves being outside, which I’m very pleased about…

So, I did my circuit of the park and felt good. I had imagined it being much more of a struggle, but I had to force myself to take a walk break and could have gone on much further, but decided to be sensible (I have to remind myself that the relaxin stays in your body when you are breastfeeding, so I need to take care). When I got back I had a gorgeously warm shower and stretched my already aching limbs…I think I’ll need to do some more stretching later because my hamstrings are seizing up as I type! So, no Garmin and no strict schedule for now, just a simple go out and run routine, like being a beginner again.

Oh, the joy of being active again 🙂


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