Feeling godess-like

We made it to our mums and babies yoga class this morning. I was in two minds because Hector fell fast asleep about fifteen minutes before we were due to leave the house, so I had to distrub him to put him in his sling 😦 Luckily he fell back into his deep slumber and woke only when I set him down on the yoga mat. He was in good spirits throughout the class, looking around at the other babies, intrigued by them and their mummies! I felt great, really working into some delicious deep stretches and I focussed hard on using my (well padded) stomach muscles to support my back, which has been feeling a bit tight. We did some good stomach exercises, including a sort of ‘bicycle legs’ action; I really felt this one! Hector enjoyed the focus on him and even let me enjoy some relaxation at the end – I needed this after a very long night: Hector decided it would be fun to play and giggle at 2.30am and not settle back to sleep for a couple of hours. Tsk.


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