Kick, kick, splash, splash!

We took Hector for another swim on Friday after having such a lovely time last week. The pool is heated to the perfect temperature for tiny bodies and feels like climbing into a bath. Hector absolutely loves it: he looks at the surface of the water, fascinated by the ripples and jumping light and he lays back in our arms and has a good old kick. The first week we went, I was able to have a little swim whilst Edward played with Hector and it was simply delicious to be back in the water, stretching my limbs out and easing my stiff back (lifting and carrying a growing baby is not good for the old back bones). This week we were unfortunately kicked out. No, we weren’t up to no good ‘heavy petting’ or ‘dive bombing’ or anything like that, we had just timed it badly and ended up clashing with a swimming lesson. What is it about swimming instructors? Every time I have been at a public pool when a lesson is taking place, I have been very rudely asked to leave, they have no charm whatsoever.

Anyway, Edward complained to the man on the desk and he eventually gave us vouchers for two free swims, quite right too when he should have told us before we went in. He said ‘half an hour is usually long enough for most people’, but he has obviously never had to undress both himself and a little baby whilst trying not to let his clothes fall onto the wet floor…we will persevere though and go again next week, it’s so good to get Hector feeling happy in the water. How lovely to have a real water baby 🙂


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