Begin again, begin again

I sneaked a little run in this morning 🙂 Hector has not been fooled by this clock-changing malarky and was awake at 6am as usual (in ‘old’ time terms, that’s 5am, remember!). I managed to entertain him for about half an hour before he ‘said’ ‘right, get up, I want to play!’. I thought it was Edward’s turn, since he was out playing/watching football last night, so let him do the playing. As I lay there I thought ‘Oooh, I could just leap up and go for a run right now!’, so I did.

It felt very odd being out of the house without Hector, but it was only for twenty minutes and this time I had my – charged up – Garmin on, so could see how fast, long and far I was going. As I had suspected, I was going quite fast, no wonder my lungs were aching! But, for some reason, I found it very difficult to slow down. Before I had a baby I had reached a point in my running where I didn’t feel I had to prove anything: I had conquered great distances so felt valid in my running, but now I feel like a beginner all over again and set off way too fast as if I’m saying ‘Look at me, I can do it!’. I really do need to get over this and pull back a bit when I run or I’ll end up injured.

So, here goes, here are the stats for my first run with my Garmin since starting back:

Time: 22.17 mins

Distance: 2.21 miles

Average Pace: 10.04

Best Pace: 7.16

Calories: 240

Minus the to and from home, the run looked a bit like this:

Run view

After breakfast, we went swimming, so I got my upper body workout whilst bobbing Hector up and down in the water and squatting low in the shallow end.


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