Faster Mummy! Faster!

I’m so happy 🙂

I have been looking at running buggies on Ebay for a while and keep missing out – why do people insist on bidding early and bumping the price up, don’t they know you’re supposed to lurk in the background and leap in at the last minute?! So, these buggies are going for at the cheapest £100 and I don’t have £100 right now so decided to chance it on Freecycle. Now Freecycle is simply marvellous: you join your local group and you can look at the things people are offering, things they no longer need and you can also make requests for things you need. We have given a few things away and it’s a lovely way to meet local people and have a sense of community, so I put up a ‘wanted’ post for a running buggy.

These buggies have three large, bicycle type wheels and are incredibly lightweight with a hand-break on the handle bars and a wrist strap in case you let go. The ‘one’ is an American make called Baby Jogger, which has received good reviews, but is quite expensive. Anyway, I had not one, but two offers and yesterday Hector and I went over to collect the first one we were offered. I was so excited! The lovely chap showed us how to assemble the buggy and gave us the instruction book, and I put a sleeping Hector in and off we went (I decided to walk home to get used to it). It’s lovely! I couldn’t believe how light it is and how easily it rolls over different surfaces; I had quite a spring in my step!

This morning I couldn’t wait to strap Hector in and have a run in the park, so off we went. At first I felt a little self-conscious running along our road and had to negotiate all the curbs and wonky paving slabs, but I soon got the hang of it and also realised that people had stopped staring at me and were distracted by the smiling baby on board! I now have something to hide behind when I run 😉 The park bit of the run was great: they have recently laid new paths so they are very smooth and wide, giving Hector a brisk ride. It reminded me of when I was a child and I would rush off with my friends, roller skates on, and try out the newly-laid carpark, what fun!

I felt the buggy slowed me down at first, but once I’d got used to it I realised that i could just rest my finger tips on the handle bar, go one-handed and even run alongside for a bit (with the wrist strap firmly in place, of course!). Hector seemed happy enough, but I did make two stops: one to see the ducks, geese, pigeons etc and one to have a ride on the swings, I didn’t want him to feel as if he was being ignored.

Time: 36.12

Distance: 3 miles 29

Average Pace: 10.59

Best Pace: 9.10

Calories: 377

Yeah, off we go!


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