Quack quack splash splash!

I *heart* my running buggy! Off we go: I’m happy, Hector’s happy.

We managed to get out at about 9.30am and there was quite a breeze, so it wasn’t too hot (actually, I really struggled pushing the buggy at one point when we found ourselves head-on to the wind!). Another glorious day, so lots of people out and about. The Chinese ladies were doing their power-walk-chat session, one lady had one of those fluffy little dogs in a basket…surely it would prefer to scamp around?! I have decided to say hello to everyone, even if they do the shifty eye-averting thing: ‘Hello! Yes, you!’ it makes it all more friendly and less threatening. One chap commented that Hector seemed to be really enjoying himself as we dashed by – he was shouting and chattering to himself at the time 🙂

Yesterday we went for a walk and ended up at the paddling pool, but I felt very unprepared so didn’t go in, apart from a toe-dip. We saw one of Hector’s friends – and his mum – and she said she had a spare nappy, but (I’ll seem like a weirdo now) I didn’t want to accept because I knew it would be a disposable nappy and I don’t want them going anywhere near Hector’s bum (it was also blazingly hot and I would rather he had on a long-sleeved top to protect his milky white skin). So today I promised that we would go for a paddle and I packed all the necessary bits and bobs.

We were the only ones there.

This didn’t matter because Hector really, really enjoyed it, even though the temperature made him gasp as he went in up to his thighs! I would heartily recommend a dip in a cool pool after a run, it felt so good to take off my running shoes and slip my feet in to the shimmery water.

As we were packing up to go I noticed a bloke at the picnic table on the other side of the railings, he was staring at us. I looked again and he was still staring and smiling, then he said hello in a slimy way. How stupid is this man? He was doing the ‘hello lovely lady’ slimy thing that lone female runners often get, but I was there with my baby, it’s totally innapropriate! Arrrghghgh, go away!

Time: 30.25

Distance: 2.97 miles

Average Pace: 10.14

Best Pace: 7.23

Calories: 340


4 thoughts on “Quack quack splash splash!

  1. fitartist says:

    I loved the way these two chairs were focussed on the pond….interesting that someone had carried them to the park to enjoy their experience more.

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