Look no hands!

I often go swimming but don’t write about it on here: I don’t really count bobbing up and down in the water with Hector as a swim (although I do get a good quads work-out with all the squatting!). On Saturday we went out to the pool early and took Hector’s rubber ring…he loves it! He was just going for it all on his own, turning, kicking and covering quite a distance all by himself 🙂 I’m so pleased he is so confident in the water – not such a surprise when you consider I was swimming right up until the day he was born. As Edward was there, I was able to pop into the main pool and do a few lengths, oh how delicious this felt. As I was swimming I remembered how I used to complain on here about all the irritating people I encountered at the pool, but now I barely even notice them as I just don’t have time to get worked up any more!

There were, however, some entertaining women who appeared from the sauna. It was just like that Galvanise video with the painted faces: they had face packs on and the wildest hair you have ever seen. Arrrrghghghg!!

The weather over the weekend was well and truly crap, typical Bank Holiday. I can’t really go out with the running buggy in the rain because we don’t have a waterproof cover – I’m not a fan of those plastic covers anyway, can’t be very nice for the baby. Anyway, today we have been treated to a little bit of sunshine again so we popped out to make the most of it. I started running but felt all wrong: my body felt sort of misaligned. I think I must have ‘slept funny’ as my head would only turn in one direction and my lower back felt all tight and twisted. I was also incredibly wheezy due to spending a few hours in the company of Nick and Nadine’s cats yesterday; they really got my asthma going for some reason. So, that’s all the excuses out of the way 😉 Once I got going these niggles all started to ease and iron themselves out and I was able to enjoy myself.

It was an all round enjoyable trip, with plenty of birds to point at and a few friendly dogs to pat.

Time: 40.57

Distance: 3.87 miles

Average Pace: 10.35

Best Pace: 8.58

Calories: 488

I need to work very hard at the moment to work off the mountain of cakes I consumed on Saturday at the Tottenham Ladies’ Bake Off 2008.


5 thoughts on “Look no hands!

  1. joggerblogger says:

    Cakes and swimming 🙂 my kind of weekend – gald you and the funsized are heading out for Juneathon.

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