It’s raining, it’s pouring…

…again. Just when I thought the sunshine was back, in the time it took me to faff about getting myself and Hector ready and to wait for my bleedin’ Garmin to pick up a signal (five minutes, no exaggeration) the clouds had come in and all was grey and overcast. I wasn’t going to give up just because it looked like rain, so we went for it. Once we were at the park it was ‘spitting’ but not enough to stop. It’s half term holidays so there were lots of kids about, some of whom were having a picnic on the roof of a building in the park. They were teenagers, all cool like, and probably thinking they were the bees knees. I did feel sorry for one of the lads who seemed to be having difficulty getting onto the roof, so his mates were pulling him up by his afro do.

I did think we would have to cut the run short as the rain came down harder, but we popped to the other park and kept on going – Hector was fine with his blanket on and the hood pulled over. No chance of stopping at the swings today – sorry – so I ran past them very quickly in case he got ideas. On the way back I had to negotiate those big plastic boards they put down on the pavement when they dig a big hole – they are ‘replacing London’s Victorian drainage system’ so it was all up and down and slow, slow, slow.

Time: 31.58

Distance: 2.97 miles

Average Pace: 10.47

Best Pace: 8.20

Calories: 379


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