Juggling Juneathon

I have committed myself to the Juneathon challenge – to run (or cross train) every day in June, but I haven’t got off to such a fantastic start. Yesterday it didn’t really occur to me that it was June and that I needed to get out and run, so I will count the walk we took across Green Park and the ‘energetic’ game of petanque we had during our picnic. Can I count Saturday’s activity? We cycled to the swimming pool and back and I did ten lengths in the middle, along with the squatting bit in the baby pool. I guess we did about five miles or so on the bikes – I did feel nervous at first but much more confident on the return leg. I think we might go on the bike to our swimming lesson now, far nicer and quicker than the stinky bus.

So, to today’s run. Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned being stared at by a man when we were at the paddling pool? Well, he has raised his grubby little head again. We set off around park number one and it started pouring down – great – so we stood under the weeping willow for a bit and watched the squirrels. When the rain eased we headed over to park number two with the intention of doing a couple of circuits, but Hector seemed a bit fed up so I cut it short and walked over to the duck pond. We were crouching down watching the ducklings, having a lovely time when someone approached us from behind. I moved out of the way and apologised for blocking the path. I noticed it was slimy man and decided to walk on. As we moved around the pond I could see that he was touching himself as he watched us, not exposing himself, but definitely doing the business. I felt quite sick. Ok, these perverts are probably in every park, preying on lone females, but I was there with my baby and this is simply not on. I kept an eye on him to make sure I wasn’t imagining things then decided to leave. As I neared him I knew I had to say something, let him know that this was not acceptable so I said ‘I think you should keep away from us. I have seen what you are doing’. He shrugged, as if denying it.

We often hear stories of ‘flashers’ in the park, men making lewd comments to women and it gets laughed off, but this man is hanging around a duck pond, which is next to a children’s play area and paddling pool; he needs to be stopped. So I came home and called the local police station. Two very nice (and incredibly big!) officers came round just now and took some details. I felt quite reassured after talking to them – I had initially felt like never going to the park again, but I feel kind of empowered by having reported it and knowing that they will look out for this man.

Time: 27.41

Distance: 2.73 miles

Average Pace: 10.08

Best Pace: 8.08

Calories: 321

Juneathon running total: 2.73 miles

Juneathon cross training total: one session


4 thoughts on “Juggling Juneathon

  1. jogblog says:

    Glad you reported him, what a sleaze. And well done for joining Juneathon. If you’d been around for last year’s, you’d seen that I found some quite creative ways to say I’d Juneathoned, including ice skating and walking back from the pub. I think I even tried to get away with saying carrying back shopping was weight lifting.

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