New week, new outlook

I managed to go a whole week without a run; how did that happen? And during Juneathon as well! I didn’t get out for a run on Thursday after Hector’s group (which was awful, by the way, there were two-year-olds there and they are scary creatures. They bite and everything!). So, I will count up the walking we did, which turns out to be about three miles. I’ve realised that we do an awful lot of walking on a day-to-day basis (and this doesn’t include the walking I do around the house with Hector as he practices!), maybe I should don a pedometer and see how many steps I take. I didn’t run on Friday either, but did the pool squat and pool squat lengths at H’s swimming lesson and, again, about three miles walking. Saturday was more like four miles as we went a bit further afield and Sunday was spent strolling around the Hayward Gallery looking at the Psycho Building exhibition as a Father’s Day treat; it’s dead good but get there very early as you need to queue for some of the installations – and make sure you have a go in the boats…I reckon we walked about 2 miles around town but these probably don’t count for anything with the amount of cake we ate 😉

Today is different, today is the start of a new week, a fresh start. I have to be honest and say that I have been disinclined to go to the park since our nasty encounter, I know I shouldn’t but, I just feel like I am looking over my shoulder all the time and it doesn’t have the same draw it used to have. Today the sun is shining and I felt like going somewhere different so we headed down to the canal. As I have mentioned before, the bit between home and the canal is horrible, but once we are there it’s like another world, well almost. Looking at my Garmin stats I’m mightily disappointed by the average pace and I know it’s down to the pavement bits and these cobbly bridge obstructions that really slow us down; they’re not terribly buggy-friendly.

At one point, where the path was clear and slightly crunchy-sounding (between Markfield Park and the rowing club for those that know it) I was hitting 8.5 and 9 minute miles and really loving the stretched legs and slightly puffed out feeling…I had imagined that my times would be a bit more impressive.

We paused at Springfield Park and tried out these wooden structures and Hector did some ‘proper’ walking ie. not holding onto my finger – he’s really walking now, doing little turns and everything!

When we went along here the other week there were some workmen doing something on the opposite bank and it seems they were putting up this fence. Urgh.

The return journey coincided with the school ‘run’. I get a bit depressed if I’m out at this time: those kids are filling themselves with utter crap. One group were being handed out fried chicken boxes by their mum and all happily tucking in 😦 If you are around at lunch time, they are doing the same thing then. Their poor little hearts!

Time: 55.47

Distance: 5.13 miles

Average Pace: 10.52

Best Pace: 7.48

Calories: 584

Number of Juneathons: 16/16

Total miles: 64.34


6 thoughts on “New week, new outlook

  1. Highway Kind says:

    It would be interesting for you to get a pedometer. I think you would impress yourself with the number of steps you take in a day. (An all year round Juneathon, even without the running).

    It is a really good way to keep a base level of fitness.

    It is a shame the creep has spoiled the park for you. I was hoping the police would have scared him away.

  2. jogblog says:

    Love the cake pic, also love the next pic which I am racking my brain as to where it is but have failed miserably?

    I’ve never been in Springfield Park due to it looking like a park in a recurring dream before I’d ever encountered it and now I go past it several times a week but stick to the road. Yes, I’m sad.

    Forget the sleaze, go where you want to go.

  3. fitartist says:

    HK – yes, I think I might try a pedometer out of interest. I did get one free once with a packet of crisps (?!) and it was hopeless, any suggestions of a good one would be great…

    JB – the next photo is along the canal where you join it just off Ferry Lane/near Tottenham Hale. Go in the park, it’s rather lovely!

  4. jogblog says:

    Ah right, I know it now. I usually go up it, not down it, so haven’t seen it from that direction before.

    I will take in Springfield Park on my next run.

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