Swings and roundabouts

Or maybe not roundabouts because they don’t seem to be cool any more, maybe they are too dangerous in these times of spongy flooring in playgrounds.

We went out fairly early to try and avoid the hotter weather, but it was already pretty roasty. We saw some friends on our way round and they commented on how hot I must be, but actually, I really like running in hot weather, rather that than slogging around in the rain with water dripping off my nose! We braved the park and found it pretty busy, with diggers noisily chugging up and down (not sure what they’re up to), children enthusiastically doing some cycle safety training and having their photos taken with what looked like our local MP and crows squawking raspily in the middle of it all. We had to pause at all of these spots so Hector could take it all in πŸ˜‰

It hadn’t occurred to me just how odd we must look to a lot of people: how often do you see a woman running around pushing a weird-looking buggy with a shouting baby on board? We got a comment from an elderly lady with a dog: ‘I’ve seen it all now! Keep it up!’. I think the sideways glances are mostly admiring ones.

Time: 36.58

Distance: 3.43 miles

Average Pace: 10.47

Best Pace: 8.44

Calories: 423

Number of Juneathons: 17/17

Total miles: 67.77


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