Ok, ok

I am still here…honest! I simply haven’t been running for various reasons: rain (no rain cover for running buggy), too busy, too tired, poorly baby (nasty, nasty teething symptoms AND a chesty cough), chesty cough.

I really want to get out and run at the moment, but my chest hurts when I cough (my asthma seems a bit challenged by it all too) and H has been pretty poorly with the teething in the past week-he can’t eat, it hurts to put anything near his mouth 😦 I have signed myself up to the Womens’ Challenge 5K in September, so have a 5k training plan printed off and I’m raring to go. I decided I should build up slowly to my marathon next year, regaining my lost fitness, and thought it might be a good idea to enter races to motivate myself (and to get used to the feel of that mass participation thing that I love so much :/ ).

Juneathon. Well, I did a great deal of walking, absolutely loads in fact, but very little running and I couldn’t keep up the blogging. Sorry. Sometimes I think I set myself up to fail when I commit to doing something every day or attempting to achieve an unrealistic goal.

So, I will ride out this cough and will be back on track again soon.


9 thoughts on “Ok, ok

  1. fitartist says:

    Ah, thank you, always a supportive comment 🙂

    It’s one of those horrible coughs that makes you really tight-chested and doesn’t seem to move even when you bark away like a seal!

  2. fitartist says:

    Jogblog – I was just thinking it’s one of those races that has a big aerobics style warm-ups, so couldn’t picture it starting that early, with having to herd all those ladies into place.

    LJ – maybe see you there?!

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