Off the beaten track

Today’s run was billed as a ‘5 x 400 mile pace’. There is a handy little running track painted onto the grass in the park at the moment, I guess for school sports day, but I can’t see myself legging it round there with the running buggy in tow! I decided to just run for about half an hour and pick the pace up a bit here and there; I suppose more of a fartlek session. We did stroll over to the ‘track’ at the end and I took Hector out of his buggy so he could also stretch his legs…in the direction of the kids doing stunts on their bikes, he is totally obsessed with wheels right now!

Edward said this morning ‘why do you keep saying it’s going to be hot today?’ and I suppose he was right to wonder when the sky was overcast and grey with little sign of sunshine but, by the time we headed back home after our run, the sun was beating down and it was scorching.

Time: 32.04

Distance: 3 miles

Average Pace: 10.41

Best Pace: 4.35

Calories: 394

(I imagined a faster average pace after all the bursts of energy, but I guess the best pace gives a hint of how fast I was going at times!).


2 thoughts on “Off the beaten track

  1. fitartist says:

    LJ – you do realise that this Paula-esque speed was probably only maintained for a fraction of a mile?! I’d keel over if I did a whole mile at that pace!

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