The green, green grass

Was mown. We had the pleasure of a tractor mowing the grass in the park again today, and a red tractor at that! Once I decided to go out for a run and started getting into my running gear, I really had to speed up to satisfy Hector’s wish to be outside in a flash. He bought me my running shoes and tried putting them on my feet. Ah.

I feel good every time I run at the moment, but I do find it hard to change my pace, I would probably put this down to pushing the running buggy. I really should try and get out on my own sometime and test this, see how fast I can really go. In a couple of weeks I have the Women’s 5k Challenge so it would be great to see how I am getting on beyond the 10 minute mile.

Towards the end of the run we stopped by the local sixth form college, where they are resurfacing the car park. It was lovely to watch the team of men in their hi-vis vests working quickly while the tarmac was still warm and soft. Hector was transfixed by the little digger that scooped up the tarmac and poured it into the back of a big spreading machine. I rather liked the smooth, steady movements of the steamroller which gave the surface a clean, black flatness which I would have rushed to roller skate on as a child.

Time: 35.11

Distance: 3.53 miles

Average Pace: 9.59

Best Pace: 8.24

Calories: 432


2 thoughts on “The green, green grass

  1. Highway Kind says:

    I just love the smell of cut grass, it’s one of those things that make you feel good to be in the open air.

    I don’t know how pace changes are with the buggy but can you make it a game by slowing right down then speeding up, so you run a series of surges?

  2. fitartist says:

    That’s a good idea HK, I will give it a try.

    We went for a walk in the park just now to enjoy the grass smell and do a bit of blackberrying – not many made it into the bag 😉

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