I ran fast(er)! Yesterday Edward wandered around the park with Hector while I went for a run on my own. It seems the buggy does slow me down a bit and I have realised that it’s partly due to the lack of arm pumping (my rib cage and arms ache this morning!). It felt good to just run and I worried that I had set off too fast and wouldn’t be able to keep it up, but I did; it did take a lot of effort though.

As I continued at this unusually fast pace I started to wonder if the bacon butty I had just had would make a reappearance, but I felt just fine, maybe that’s the way to go before a run…;) Pretty much as soon as we left the house the rain started falling and the sky was lit up by a flash of lightening, but I kept going (and the boys spent some time under the trees). It was all rather delicious really, the sense of expansion in my body, using all of my limbs and stretching my stride further than usual, not really thinking much about anything other than pushing myself forward and feeling the rain drenching me as I approached the three mile mark.

Next Sunday I have my 5k race and it was interesting to push myself and see how fast I could go, but I felt slightly disappointed that my total finishing wasn’t faster: I was working really hard, I would find it tough trying to go any faster than this!

Time: 30.02

Distance: 3.47 miles

Average Pace: 8.39

Best Pace: 6.33

Calories: 366

Looking at this, I would say that my usual pattern of slightly irregular ploddy runs seem to do the trick, giving me a good base to build upon without experiencing injury. I think some more hill stretches might be good and a continuation of the varying of pace and things should start to come together.


One thought on “Bacon-fuelled

  1. Highway Kind says:

    I think that slightly irregular plody runs are they way to go. You get a good base without feeling too stessed anbout it. The object is the experience rather than the run and that allows fitness to creep up on you.

    Way to go.

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