Give and take

Ok, ok, I now admit that it’s cold enough to get out the gloves, long sleeves and tights: it’s frrrrrreezing out there! Next run will be a wrapped up warm one.

This morning’s run was a bit stop and start, not because I had no energy or felt like walking but because Hector has recently learnt how to object to things. He’s always been such a good little communicator but just in the past week or so he has started to get frustrated at things and simply cries. This is quite sad to see and difficult to deal with; I just don’t know how to understand what he wants, it’s just not him! So we were pootling around the park, pausing to see the lawnmower man and overtaking and being overtaken by a family consisiting of dad on a bike with toddler on the back and two boys on scooters – I love the inventiveness of this school run! During circuit number two we met a group of dog walkers with some jolly and frisky dogs chasing each other and a ball around, of course Hector loved this and was upset to leave it behind, with big tears rolling down his cheeks. The next objection came in park number two as we ran away from a group of crows that he wanted to watch and even a blackberry stop didn’t seem to help. Eventually we stopped at the play area and he got to do some of his own exploring (I think this is what he really wants, after all, he’s not a buggy baby) and some walking around on the paths, picking up leaves and – cautiously – looking at squirrels. When we reached the gate near the busy road, I asked him to get back in the buggy but he got very upset until I got down to his level and explained that we needed to go home because mummy was silly and had not put gloves on so her hands were like blocks of ice.

These runs together must be enjoyable for both of us and I am not happy if he is not happy, so we will have to work something out…maybe different routes to take him by surprise.

I was a bit disappointed not to be able to do another circuit as we had spotted another mum running with a baby! She wasn’t using a running buggy, just a regular one – not sure how safe this is – I would like to have had a chat with her but will just have to look out for her next time.

Time: 28.14

Distance: 2.75 miles

Average Pace: 10.16

Best Pace: 8.02

Calories: 342

(my Garmin packed up towards the end, so add an extra five minutes and about half a mile. I must remember to charge it up)


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