Charging up

On Saturday I suggested that Edward take Hector swimming and I go for a longer than usual run. So, I was getting myself ready and the boys were heading out and I said ‘Have you packed a clean nappy?’ and Edward hadn’t so I sorted that out and then ‘Have you packed some after-swim snacks?’ and Edward hadn’t so I got that done too and eventually they left the building. I had been rushing around swearing trying to find the charger for my Garmin which Edward claimed he hadn’t moved and it turned out to be in the ‘IT Box’ (box of wire things) which I can’t reach…so my Garmin was flat. This made me not want to run but then I thought ‘ooh, I can listen to music on this sort of solo run’ so rooted out Edward’s MP3 player…which was flat. But, during all this faffing, the Garmin had had enough time to boost itself up to the level of ‘six hours juice left’, so off I went.


It always feels a bit weird running without my head coach, but I did relish the opportunity to run in places I don’t normally cover with a running buggy, so did a three parks tour, going on the grass and up and down hills and over rough bumpy ground. In the first park my signal kept going and it said I was running eleven minute miles, which I certainly wasn’t, so I was happy to get to the other parks where there was less tree coverage and a better signal. I kept passing another runner along the way: a bloke who was being brave and wearing just shorts and t-shirt and was running pretty fast. I also passed lots of dog walkers and walking groups, chatting away. It was rather lovely to be able to pump my arms and take on the hills as I passed my usual weekday limit of three or four miles and eventually hit the six mile mark.

Time: 1 hour 8 seconds

Distance: 6.04 miles

Average Pace: 9.57

Best Pace: 7.37

Calories: 666

And I got to have a long hot bath on my return, cup of tea in hand 🙂


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