Sunday Monday

I had the opportunity to run on my own yesterday while (a poorly with a stinking cold) Edward entertained Hector at the sandpit. I felt really, really sluggish though and had to motivate myself to run beyond my usual weekday limit, boy it was tough! I just felt incredibly heavy and like I was dragging my body round the park, but I thought to myself ‘I don’t get this chance very often and it’s something I really want to do’, then pushed myself to six miles and felt a sense of achievement at this. On my way round I noticed Edward was sitting on the swings – ‘hey, just a minute, you’re meant to be entertaining Hector, not yourself!’, so I popped over to see what was happening and there was Hector, all wrapped up in his waterproofs and wellies, fast asleep in the running buggy. Edward encouraged me to keep going and, by the time I had finished, Hector was awake and we all had a play in the sand.

Time: 59.24 minutes

Distance: 6.06 miles

Average Pace: 9.48

Best Pace: 6.52

Calories: 672

This morning I decided to go out again…into the blustery headwind. If I thought yesterday was hard, then this was virtually impossible! I must have looked like I was running on the spot at some points, especially where the running buggy acted like someone pushing me backwards with great force. In the bigger park there were absolutely loads of walkers out today, it seemed at one point as if they were merging as the Chinese Walkers and the Monday Walkers caught up with each other. I wondered if they would stroll together or if there were strict rules about not mingling. After a brief play in the sand (too cold and windy for my liking, though Hector would probably stay there all day if he could) I pushed on up the hill, going over the grass, now that’s tough: into the wind over a bumpy, grassy surface! It was nice to get home and enjoy a pot of Earl Grey and my homemade Bara Brith 😉

Time: 32.30 minutes

Distance: 3.19 miles

Average Pace: 10.11

Best Pace: 8.32

Calories: 396


One thought on “Sunday Monday

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