Penelope Pitstop

We made an agreement on Saturday night that Edward would take Hector swimming and I would go for a run on my own. Of course, when Sunday morning came, I really just wanted to have a leisurely breakfast and ignore running altogether, but I did go and felt better for it…well, by the time I got back and was relaxing in a hot bubbly bath. For some reason I went out without eating anything, and I have got into the habit of having breakfast before I run, so this was a bit daft of me really. I decided to head over to Finsbury Park, I’ve never run there before and thought it’s good to go a bit further afield because then you have to get back home and don’t feel like you’re simply going round in circles to make up the distance.

It was pretty early, so it was just me and the dregs of the Saturday night revelries…how sad it feels to dodge a staggering lad on the pavement and fly past worse-for-wear goths (the worst kind) as they cower behind their sunglasses. The park was quiet, only a few runners and a man eating leaves. No really, he had a few twigs in his hand and was picking off the leaves and eating them! I mentioned this to Edward later and he said it might be a drug that people take that comes in a leaf form. Weird. As I was gasping up the hill, I saw a ‘Running Imp’ van pulling up and remembered that this was the day of the 10k that I had meant to enter, and they were starting to set up their rigging and whatnot. Do you know, I’m glad I didn’t enter because it’s bloody hilly in Finsbury Park and I would really have struggled – they would have to be very inventive with their route to avoid too many hills.

It was about this point that I began to feel decidedly dodgy in the stomach department. I doubted that the loos would be open, but was relieved to see a lady coming out as I got closer. Phew. This hasn’t happened for a while, so I can only put it down to not having any breakfast, only a glass of water. I won’t be doing that again, god I felt rough! So, I kept going a bit longer then headed towards home. For some reason I couldn’t get a Garmin signal along Green Lanes – maybe the tall buildings – so this might give me odd stats, but they do look about right to me – I kept seeing 44 minute miles!

As I neared home and felt all heavy and crap a young sprightly thing galloped past me, all pert buttocks and swishy pony tail. Oh, how I hate these people, mocking me with their fast pace and trim waists. I tried to reason with myself that I was just tired and feeling under the weather, blah, blah, blah, but I suddenly felt totally down-hearted. ‘Turn this around’ I said to myself ‘you can probably run further than her and she has probably just left the house…’. Why do we do this comparison thing all the time, it’s not helpful in the slightest?

Time: 1 hour 5 minutes 14 seconds

Distance: 6.39 miles

Average Pace: 10.13

Best Pace: 7.16

Calories: 627


One thought on “Penelope Pitstop

  1. jogblog says:

    Ha, I used to be one of those worse-for-wear goths.

    I did the Heathside 5 mile race they do every year in Finsbury Park last year and the hill got me on every one of the three laps.

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