Blogging every day for a month…

…or NaBloPoMo. I’ve just been over to JogBlog’s page where she is pledging to blog every day for a month and I thought ‘why not?!’ Maybe it will encourage me to get out more as I will no doubt feel compelled to mention running, being the FitArtist and all that. Or maybe I will just tell you more about the ins and outs of a running artist/mother’s busy life. Or maybe I will just tell you what I am stuffing my face with as I type.

Right now it’s the ginger biscuits I made on Sunday night: we have decided – in these times of financial crisis – to make our Christmas presents this year, so this involves me ‘practising’ a lot (and ‘testing’ a lot)…not sure how economically shrewd this will really turn out to be! Anyway, the verdict on the gingerbread is that it’s not gingery enough and I might try some chopped crystalised ginger next time, and they need baking for a shorter period of time (bit ‘dark’ around the edges).

So, there you go, my first post for a month of daily posts. Hey, I might even go a bit mad and post more than once!


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