Finsbury Park revisited

I had already decided last week that today’s run was going to be a good one: I didn’t want to feel like I did last Sunday so went out with a positive mind and a belly full of warming porridge. Edward wrapped Hector up tight and put him in the running buggy and they also headed over to Finsbury Park for some sand play.

Oi! You Finsbury Park runners! Cheer up you grumpy lot! As I had set out about an hour later than last week, there were more runners about and the park felt different, but boy are they serious! I was happily chugging along nodding my head and smiling, calling a jolly ‘morning’ across the path but did anyone reply? Yes, but only one man near the end of my run. Another man actually looked shocked that I had said something to him and gave me the deeertiest look ever. How odd.

I had listened to the weather forecast on Radio 4 as I prepared the porridge and tea and it was apparently ‘squally’ and very windy and, yes, the forecaster was right (not that I really know what ‘squally’ looks like but I’m pretty certain that’s what it was). This meant that those hills I mentioned last week were even more challenging in places but, fuelled by my oats, I was able to tackle them head-on and with confidence. As I ran round I had a tune repeating in my head: I have been listening to some African ‘playground music’ with Hector and little bits of it kept coming back to me. These CDs are really nice, much better than some of the usual nursery rhyme recordings you find, with hysterical-sounding ladies screaching about mice and the like. Talking of which, we were kept awake again last night by the furry visitor, once again seemingly under the floorboards and not visible. This time it was Edward that was particularly bothered by it and he was pulling out furniture and quickly turning on lights to try and spot the little beggar. After the initial commotion I fell back to sleep and dreamt it was actually two baby squirrels, obviously been reading too much Peter Rabbit.

So, back to my run. After a few turns around the park I popped over to the sandpit to say hello, but Hector barely even looked up, he was so engrossed in his sandcastle construction! At this point I felt ready to head back towards home, weaving in and out of the people waiting for buses on Green Lanes: they’re a bit unpredictable, lolling back and forth, looking for the number 29. As I got to our road I looked at my Garmin and I had done something like 7.76 miles so I decided to keep going and went up the next road instead but as I came down again towards our house my Garmin was actually going backwards! One moment it said 7.90 miles then went back to 7.87. Flippin’ ‘eck, make your mind up!

How lovely to have a bit of time to then relax in a hot steamy bath and drink a well-earned cup of Earl Grey.

Time: 1 hour 22 minutes 24 seconds

Distance: 8.02 miles

Average Pace: 10.16

Best Pace: 7.11

Calories: 859


3 thoughts on “Finsbury Park revisited

  1. warriorwoman says:

    You really seem to be picking up the distances on these runs and your times are pretty impressive.
    It certainly was squally out there today – I was nearly blustered off my Brompton.

  2. Road Runner says:

    Seems like there are a few running bloggers out here who aren’t put off by the rain. Any tips for pysching yourself up in the morning? I’m still defeatd by the devil on my shoulder saying that a cup of tea and a lie-in is much nicer and will stop me from catching man flu (which I’m very susceptible to!).

  3. fitartist says:

    WarriorWoman – It’s certainly not Bromptoning weather out there today, more than squally I say! Yes, I just felt great yesterday so kept on going, was pretty chuffed with my eight miles 🙂

    RoadRunner – Hmmm, how to get out and not slope back off to bed with a warming cuppa? I think the trick is to not think about it too much, the less distraction you allow yourself the better: get your kit out the night before and put it somewhere you can’t ignore it and promise yourself something nice when you get back. Anyway, running will build up your immune system and hopefully fend off the dreaded man-flu 😉

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