Today we met up with some friends in Islington, at a cafe they suggested (saying it was ‘child-friendly’, goodness knows where they got that idea from). I was so annoyed by the sh*t service and lack of friendliness that I’m prompted to un-recommend it.

Don’t go to the Candid Cafe in Angel, it sucks!

First of all, they don’t have any high chairs. Now even the smallest of cafes have a high chair or two these days and it makes life eaiser for everyone if they do: Hector definitely feels the need to run around if he is not sitting comfortably in a chair at table height…so he did (with me watching him closely, of course). Near our table was one of those Calor Gas type heaters, the sort you see in artists’ studios, the ones you buy a big canister of gas for, and the ones that are very hot to the touch and would give a small person a nasty burn if they fell against them or reached out with curious hands.

The waitress who served us was possibly the grumpiest waitress I’ve ever encountered, she was so sour they must need to keep ordering more milk in. At one point I was with Hector, who was navigating the steps, there was plenty of room for her to pass and I was definitely making sure he wasn’t in anyone’s way, but she felt the need to curse under her breath: ‘Jesus, I’m going to stand on him in a minute!’. When we ordered our food Edward asked for some glasses of water, which never turned up, so I had to go and ask for them, cue snarly up-and-down-with-contempt look. Then, when she ‘cleared’ our table she snatched my bowl and plate away and the dirty knife dropped in front of me, and she just left it there.

We ordered the soup and bread: it’s a cold day and a lovely warming bowl of soup with a few chunks of fresh, springy bread sounded like a good idea. Well, it would have been but we weren’t getting it here. Our mushroom soup was a grey, tastless sludge served with a slice and a half of hovis-type bread. they had made the effort with the ‘butter’ and put it in little china pots, but this turned out to be marge.

This place score no points at all: no charm, no warmth (other than the dangerous heater), no tasty food, no welcome and no reason to ever return.


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