Due to my lack of oomph and time, I will write about Sunday and Tuesday’s runs today (and then class this as today’s blog. Cheeky).

I was up super early on Sunday morning, as usual, and decided it might be good to try and get out straight away so we could spend more time together as a family later on. One problem: it was pitch black outside! I chomped on some bran flakes and slowly put together the warmest outfit I could find then headed out of the door, leaving the boys in the warm, centrally heated house. As I was leaving Edward asked if I had a pocket for my phone, and I said ‘should I?’ and he said ‘I would like you to’. This is like when you are about to set off on a long journey and someone says ‘drive safely’. I then put on my high-visibility cycling vest in an attempt to at least be seen when I get run over/mugged/fill-in-the-blank.

Of course, I gave the parks a miss and just ran along the road where I didn’t see a soul other than in cars or on buses. It was bitterly cold, biting at my face and, before long, the snow was coming down. Now this felt kind of special: just me and a select few enjoying the early morning snow-fall. As I was just doing road running, I thought I might do an out and back, turning for home when I reached three miles (I only fancied a sixer today). I also thought it would be interesting to see how far it is to the swimming pool in Crouch End, so found myself running past lovely houses with warm, inviting entrances and no doubt big farmhousey tables weighed down with the Sunday papers and croissants. Ah.

It wasn’t even three miles when I got to the pool, only about two and a half, and by now my stomach was feeling a bit dodgy. I continued on through to the Clock Tower and turned to home from there. It was reassuring (or worrying?) to see the odd police car patrolling the streets, obviously not much going down on a Sunday morning, other than the incredibly drunk lad I had to avoid on the pavement. He was wearing the most hideous white suit and clutching an open bottle of red wine. These Saturday night/Sunday morning people I pass seem weird to me, but it occurred to me that they must think I’m nuts too.

When I got home the curtains were still closed and the boys were cutting out Playdough shapes at the table; I knocked on the window so they could enjoy the snow too. Best of all was the family bath we had before starting our day together.

Yesterday I was having fun playing with Hector, but realised he probably wanted to get out and burn up some his energy, so asked him if he’d like to go for a run. He quickly sprang into action, picking up his shoes and giving me mine! We did a short circuit of the park before stopping to feed the birds at the pond then a quick play. Once again I had to try and get through to him that I need to run, and we will play at the end but, of course, he is too young to really grasp any of this. As we went on to the next park and his favourite stairs/slide combo the sun was setting and the trees looked amazing sillhouetted against an orange sky.


One thought on “Rewind

  1. Highway Kind says:

    Those quiet times when the rest of the world is asleep/ just waking-up are the best. For some reason your senses are more alert.

    Quite a rare feeling though it is difficult to get up and out that early

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