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You might already have noticed the little JustGiving button to the right of the page, but I thought I should give it a more formal introduction. I am running the London Marathon in April 2009 (at last, after years of trying to get a place in the ballot, I am in!). As it is a ballot place, I don’t have to run for a charity and therefore don’t have a set amount of money to raise, but I decided I would raise money for the NSPCC and Childline because people seem to take the London Marathon more seriously than other marathons (by this, I mean non-runners), it seems to excite people more and I guess this means they will be more generous. It’s funny, people do see this marathon as the benchmark, and I have had a few people ask of other marathons: ‘Is this the same length as the London Marathon?’…erm, no, all marathons are the same length, that’s why they are called a marathon (for the record, a marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards or 42.195 km).

I thought quite hard about which charity I should support, and it’s really hard because they are, of course, all so worthy of our support. In the end I decided to give my backing to the NSPCC and Childline because I felt this was an organisation close to my heart now I am a mother, and I have also been very moved by what has been taking place right here on my doorstep in Haringey.

If you want to sponsor me, either click on the fancy button or just click here if you don’t need the mouse exercise.


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