New Year, new gear, new goals to reach

Happy New Year!

I know it’ s been a while, but I’ve been buried under a pile of mince pies and brandy cream, but now I have emerged from the holiday madness, refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge. In three months and seventeen days I will be running the London Marathon, so I have a lot of work to do to reach that point. I have been running over the holidays – including my annual Christmas morning run – but haven’t had the time (or inclination, sorry) to blog about it.

Today I went for my first evening run in a very long time. I am following a schedule but I simply can’t get the runs done on the day it states and can’t always do the distance stated, so I’m juggling it around to suit my own schedule, but making sure I do the mileage for the week and make the long run the main focus. To achieve this I am having to be creative about the when and how of it all, so I gritted my teeth and committed to getting out when Edward got home from work. All was going well until Hector saw me in my running gear and became rather distressed and tried to climb out of the bath to get to me – well, it is kind of weird for mummy to abandon him during bath and bed time! So, I delayed the run for a while until Edward was able to distract him with some rough and tumble and digger play.

It’s horrible out there at 7pm on a week day. I know you know it’s cold at the moment, but a fog had descended and the damp air combined with the rush-hour exhaust fumes meant my lungs siezed up for the first mile or so and I kept finding myself running through a cloud of cigarette smoke as the workers made their way home. As I dodged in and out of these weary folk and cautiously looked both ways before darting across side streets, I realised I was probably badly attired for the time and place: head to toe in black, apart from these beauties:


which are super-dazzling 🙂

Where I live, if someone dressed this way comes running up behind you, you either call on the bit of self-defence you remember from some workshop you did years ago or you pull out your ‘piece’ (yes, I do live in da hood). If I am to do more of these nocturnal jaunts, I need to invest in some high-vis bits and bobs.

I had decided to go three miles and was running fast in an attempt to get back to Hector in case he had sussed that I wasn’t in the house any more, but also because I wasn’t particularly enjoying being caught up in the general home-run atmosphere. I kept trying to look at my Garmin to see how I was doing, but it seemed to be stating quite a slow pace compared to my perceived pace: the way I was going I imagined I was on for some sort of PB, but the stats say otherwise. Could the foggy weather interfere with the readings or has my Garmin decided to retire after four and a half years of dedicated service?

Time: 31.29

Distance: 3.11 miles

Average Pace: 10.07

Best Pace: 7.14

Calories: 342


2 thoughts on “New Year, new gear, new goals to reach

  1. Highway Kind says:

    You are right about making adapting the schedule. As long as you maintain the basics and keep the long run going you will be fine.

    I am very impressed that you were out on a cold and foggy night and as for using Hector as incentive for speed work – brilliant idea.

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