Run, Splash, Run

I am having to be a bit creative about how I get my miles in, so today I decided we would run to Hector’s swimming lesson…and then back again. This is a journey we usually make on the bus, and I have a wander round Crouch End while Hector sleeps afterwards, buying nice food and spotting actor types (James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff recently!). I had imagined that Hector would wait until after his lesson to have his usual long sleep, but I knew something was amiss when he didn’t comment on a passing ‘tooter’. He had fallen asleep half way there and I had to wake him for his lesson, so after just fifteen minutes 😦

One thing I noticed, especially on the return journey when the towel and costumes were wet, was how much difference  a bag makes: it was so much tougher pushing up the hilly bits! I also had a moment where the buggy almost tipped due to the weight of the bag, so maybe I need to try and cram everything underneath. I enjoyed the getting-somewhere element of the run, and felt happy about cutting down on our journey time and saving a bit of money, but it was hard putting on slightly damp clothes and getting out of a warm, bath-like pool to go outside and run again.

The running was ok, it has turned colder again and the chill seems to get my asthma going and, I don’t know if it’s the new running shoes or the increased mileage, but my shins are feeling ever so slightly achey. Now, that’s not something I need thank you very much!

Time: 56.03

Distance: 5.33

Average Pace: 10.32

Best Pace: 8.55

Calories: 622

Well, as for the calories, they now have hot cross buns in the shops. Bingo!


2 thoughts on “Run, Splash, Run

  1. Highway Kind says:

    Take care of those shins. A few years ago I had no end of trouble after I ignored the early warning signals.

    Could be the shoes need some gentle breaking in. I always find they are a great mystery. Some work from the box whilst others need to be coaxed

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