That’s Hector’s new word for the day, and to hear him saying it with a big smile on his face would make anyone feel happy. For some reason he’s acquired a cockney accent, who knows where from as neither of us have one and he doesn’t hang out with any cockneys, but he says his name without an aitch and a bell is a ‘bew’. Delightful.


Last week was not a good running week, but we won’t dwell on that. I didn’t do my long run on Sunday due to being awake in the night with excruciating pain in my ears and a raw throat. I did have my porridge and seriously considered going, but I decided that I would rather miss one run than go out in the pouring rain and make myself ill then have to miss lots of runs. The brunch at Hackney City Farm later made me feel much better 😉 I did, however, run on Saturday. It was another one of those ‘quick! Go! Leg it round the park as fast as you can!’ jobs, but the legs felt good and it was bright and sunny, so not too challenging. I am currently revisiting an old project called Lost-Something, which I did ten years ago – I decided it would be fun to have a look at it again, ten years on and see what I can come up with (more information to follow as and when it happens). This means that I am, once again, picking up random objects on the street, so I spent my run with a playing card stuffed down my running tights.

To today’s run. I am still feeling a bit ropey, but I have a marathon to run and people keep sponsoring me and that puts me on a guilt trip, so I got myself and Hector together and off we went…and what a beautiful day it is! We headed down to the canal as I had remembered spotting a few diggers and dumpers at the park down there the other weekend. First of all we went along the marshes a bit then turned back on ourselves to run alongside the water. Those new(ish) paths are great for the buggy, but I wish I could say the same for the towpath, talk about rough! It was so crisp and bright down there though, a real ‘glad to be alive’ kind of day.


We saw an array of wildlife and Hector enjoyed pointing out the houseboats and was rather taken by a preening swan whose head kept disappearing in its feathers…he thought this was a game of ‘boo!’ After bobbing along the path a bit more we stopped off at the little playground, but he wasn’t even interested in playing because there were far more interesting things happening out in the field…and the mud…


This fine example of a backhoe loader was accompanied by a lovely green dumper, which we watched for a while. Heading back towards home, I took a detour along the main street, knowing we had a good chance of seeing some more there and we did, two more! This did mean I had to do lots of up and down in and out to negotiate the pavements and the pedestrians, but it was fun.

I had wrapped up warm, wearing a sort of fleecy scarf thing (readers from the 80s might remember the ‘snood’, well it’s sort of like that) and a hat, so I haven’t felt any adverse reactions to the cold and, thankfully, the shins seem to be ok – whispers quietly – so things are back on track.

Saturday’s run:

Time: 40 minutes 25 seconds

Distance: 4.02 miles

Average Pace: 10.04

Best Pace: 6.23

Calories: 453

Today’s run:

Time: 47 minutes 52 seconds

Distance: 4.54 miles

Average Pace: 10.33

Best Pace: 7.43

Calories: 580


One thought on “‘appy!

  1. Highway Kind says:

    Playing cards down your tights. Thank goodness you didn’t find anything bigger.

    You are right about not running when you feel ill. It only runs down your resistance and make things drag on for longer.

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