Bumpy, bumpy, bumpy

Yes, it’s pretty bumpy along the canal-side, with a running buggy anyway. I always picture my runs along there being like the countryside, but I did notice today that it’s really rather industrial: pylons, factories, busy roads roaring alongside and trains cutting through at various points…at great speed. I guess the weekday run is a lot louder and busier than the weekend run, so maybe that’s why it all jumped out at me today.


Isn’t it a lovely day?

We headed towards the canal and enjoyed the many machinery gatherings that are taking place at the moment: we can actually see a digger from our living room window now! Then we ran through the marshes, dazzled by the sunshine, and back down the canal-side towards the playground. It is a gorgeous sunny day, but we were quite cold and stopped to watch a houseboat plough its way through the ice on the surface of the water; the cracking sound was quite something.

After a play we turned towards home and a steaming hot cup of tea to ease my blue lips.

Time: 49.39 minutes

Distance: 4.93 miles

Average Pace: 10.05

Best Pace: 7.46

Calories: 587


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