Leaden legs

I decided to run to Hector’s swimming lesson – and back – today. Last time we did this he fell asleep on the way and it messed up his sleep for the rest of the day, but recently he’s been napping much later, so I thought we’d be ok. I was umming and ahhing about doing it, but thought I wouldn’t get a run in otherwise, so went for it. It’s a super bumpy ride, with all of the run being done on pavements with their uneven slabs and the ups and downs of the kerbs, so it felt like hard work. My legs in particular were really challenging me, talk about heavy! As soon as I set off I knew it was going to be a difficult one, I’ve not felt like this in a long time and I’m not sure why. As I struggled up the hilly bits, puffing and panting, I wondered if it might be because I didn’t have much of a carby dinner last night (chicken with salad then yoghurt) but I did have my usual porridge and honey for breakfast. Hmmmm.

Apart from the lead-limbs, things were going well and Hector was nice and lively…until we reached the road the swimming pool is on and he didn’t even respond to a digger. Arrghgh! I rushed into the changing room and whipped him out of the buggy, poor thing looked horrified and I seriously considered turning right back round and running home, but he soon picked up when he realised we were going swimming. I thought I might feel a bit better on the return journey but my legs still felt heavy and I also now felt really hungry! We were stopped along the way by a woman carrying a tiny baby, she wanted to know all about our buggy 🙂

When I do this sort of run with the buggy I really need to keep my wits about me, with cars coming out of nowhere and people at bus stops wandering aimlessly into our path. We very nearly mowed down a postie who stepped out in front of us from a side road. I was able to stop myself but he had the big front wheel between his feet and I pictured him falling flat on his face. Luckily he just stepped over it and we all carried on our way!

Hector didn’t catch up on his sleep and has only now gone down for a nap. This should be interesting: early hours rising and wanting to play maybe?

Oh, and it’s snowing again now!

Time: 54.02 minutes

Distance: 5.15 miles

Average Pace: 10.29

Best Pace: 7.37

Calories: 533


2 thoughts on “Leaden legs

  1. Highway Kind says:

    It is odd how some days are more difficult than others. Often there is no real reason.

    The important thing is that you kept going and could tick the box for another session

    I can well imagine why you have to have heightened awareness when running with a buggy. It is amazing how unaware a lot of people are about things around them and how many people don’t walk straight

  2. fitartist says:

    Yes, people are just in their own world aren’t they? And with all the road works going on at the moment around our way, there are lots of barriers and boards to negotiate in addition!

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