Happening Bagel Bakery

I was way too over-dressed on this run. I only ever wear one layer but the top I might wear on a day like today was still slightly damp from being washed, so I put on a t-shirt, then I thought I might freeze so put on my London Marathon rejects fleecey. Of course, I was sweltering after a few miles, but appreciated it when we paused at the sandpit in Finsbury Park. It’s a lovely playground, they’ve obviously invested a lot of money in it. Nice cafe too, we used to meet there for our ‘home birth coffee mornings’. It’s always interesting seeing how Hector’s playing style develops. When we went to the sandpit in the summer, he would sit mostly and dig with his hands, but today he was very active, climbing up onto the apparatus and pouring sand down the various tubes.

After our little play I decided it might be good to pop over to the Happening Bagel Bakery as we were so close. You used to be able to buy 12 plain bagels for £2 – not that long ago – then the last time I went in it had gone up to £2.50 and today it was £3! Still a bargain as they are really delicious and fresh from the oven.

The running was ok, by the way! I did feel a bit heavy footed, no aching after Sunday’s long run, just a slight ‘thing’ in my right knee. Hector fell asleep not far from home and is just stirring now…

Time: 57 minutes 13 seconds

Distance: 5.49 miles

Average Pace: 10.25

Best Pace: 7.39

Calories: 701


5 thoughts on “Happening Bagel Bakery

  1. Eva says:

    Hi, I’ve just started reading your posts but will check in again tomorrow as my other half Sorelimbs is on baby duty tonight so I’m off to bed. I’m looking forward to reading your posts about the 91 mile run, fantastic!

    • fitartist says:

      Hi Eva

      Lovely to see you here! I often pop over to read what Sorelimbs has been up to, and see you have been running too (hard work with little ones isn’t it?). I come from your part of the world, by the way, my parents live in Trefnant. What a lovely place to run!


  2. Eva says:

    Seeing what Sorelimbs has done will only take a few seconds i.e. not much! Do you run with your kiddie in a buggy?! I find it hard enough on my own.

    Lovely up here, we moved from Bedford 3 years ago and we’re so glad we did. Having a brilliant time.


  3. fitartist says:


    Yes, I got a running buggy on Freecycle and do all of my weekday runs with my ‘head coach’ in tow. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily harder, but getting out of the house is harder! The runs also have to include a play stop…

    I went to school in Prestatyn, so know the area very well. Some amazing views up there.

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