Past halfway

This morning I ran 14 miles, that’s more than halfway through a marathon. Did I feel like I could do the same again? Nah. I am also halfway through my training for the marathon, only two months, three days and fifteen hours to go. There are some things that I seem to have ironed out since last Sunday’s long run. After a few weeks of dodgy stomach troubles, I felt fine this morning. I am wondering if it’s because last night’s dinner was eaten much earlier than usual…it was a fine marathon training dish of fish, chips and mushy peas, eaten on the beach in Southend 🙂 It was a gorgeous day yesterday so we decided to get on the train and go for a day-trip to the seaside. We walked along the ‘longest pleasure pier in the world’ (it’s a mile and a third), played in the sand, looked at shells and ate the greasy treat whilst watching the sky turn to a beautiful golden pinky glow.


This morning the boys ventured over to the swimming pool in Stoke Newington, the one that opened then closed, then opened again years later. It is rather lovely. Edward had admitted that he felt a little nervous about taking Hector on the bus as he’s never done it on his own before. Distraction, that’s the key, and tangerines. While they wallowed and splashed and kicked and scooped, I ran along the canal and enjoyed the view as lots of rowers pulled themselves through the water. I thought there might be some sort of competition at first, but it was just very busy. Not so many runners today though, so less of the ‘being overtaken’ stresses of last week 😉 To deal with the task of completing a 14 miler, I thought it might be a good idea to reverse my run, so turned right and headed out towards Hackney Marshes for a change.

I hadn’t managed to get any gels, so asked Edward to buy me some Lucozade Sport and jelly babies from the corner shop, but he was only able to find jelly beans. I had been rather ambitious in stuffing a little bag full of these neon-glowing sweeties in my belt because, when I got round to trying one, I found it really challenging chewing them enough to get them down without choking! They were then, of course, stuck in my teeth and driving me nuts, but I swished my mouth out with the bright orange sports drink and all was well. Ouch, my teeth ached after all that sugar. This is not the kind of ‘food’ I normally include in my diet, but it does seem to do the trick and my energy levels were pretty steady throughout. I will try and get hold of some gels for next week’s long run though.

Somehow, I then found myself at the fence of the Olympic site. I had run alongside the Hackney Marshes and instead of turning left when I should have, I kept going to see where it took me. It was all high security and no peeping, so I ended up running along the duel carriageway until I could get back to the marshes. This little diversion was good in distracting me from the  miles I was clocking up anyway. As I rejoined the football pitches I saw the Sunday morning men gathering, ready to chase a ball around…and eat pies: they have those fast food vans there to keep them going! The run along near the riding school is always lovely, so much to see from up there. When I met up with the canal again the rowers were still going strong.

My idea of reversing my usual Sunday run was good until I had to go up towards Ikea, this started to feel like hard work. I also became a bit disorientated when I was faced with all those paths in the opposite direction: I found myself pausing a few times, uncertain about which fork to take. Eventually, I neared home and casually looked down at my Garmin to see I had passed the 14 mile mark. Smiles all the way to the door.

Time: 2 hours 25 minutes 12 seconds

Distance: 14.11 miles

Average Pace: 10.17

Best Pace: 8.35

Calories: 1617

And here are the stats for a wheezing asthmatic plod I did the other day:

Time: 33 minutes 25 seconds

Distance: 3.14 miles

Average Pace: 10.40

Calories: 390


2 thoughts on “Past halfway

  1. Eva says:

    Well done on that run, scenary definitely makes a difference when you’re running I find myself daydreaming when I’m running along the beach (in between dodgying the old men and their dogs!).

    Yum to those fish and chips 🙂

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