Good and bad

On Tuesday I did one of the crappiest runs ever: I simply didn’t feel like it and should probably not have bothered. It was drizzling, the kind of drizzle that feels like you are running into a mist throughout and I felt heavy and stiff, probably still recovering from Sunday. Poor Hector kept his spirits up with the promise of a stop at the playground, which we did after pausing to watch the geese. The playground was so wet that everything seemed really dangerous – you imagine these places to be safe havens where you can allow your child to run free, but in reality they are plagued with slip/trip hazards and discarded used condoms.

So, on Wednesday we set out to banish this dreary waste of time from our mental running log. During Sunday’s long run I had taken note of all the digger/dumper spots along the marshes and canal, so we headed down there to cover seven miles. As these weekday runs get longer, I have to think about entertainment a bit more thoroughly. But, after only ten minutes or so, Hector fell asleep and missed it all! I was a bit disappointed, but realised it meant I could get my miles done without distraction so just put my head down and got on with it. In the past few days there was been a great deal of news about the waterways opening a phone line for spotted supermarket trolleys, so I was delighted to see a digger on the water, along with a little tug boat, dredging the water’s edge. I took photos to show my sleeping partner, but was happy when he woke up a bit further along and promptly turned on my heel to show him the action.


It was great, so much to see! We then headed back towards Tottenham Hale to see the cranes and diggers there, and back home for a shower and lunch.

Highway Kind has been talking about post-run routines over here, always interesting to see what other people do once they get home. My weekday, accompanied runs are quite different from my weekend runs, and I am lucky to get a quick shower and gulp of water before I am summonsed to play or read a book. After my long run though, I am determined to relax and recover fully before I resume mummy duties.

Time: 1 hour 11 minutes 40 seconds

Distance: 6.98 miles

Average Pace: 10.16

Best Pace: 6.44

Calories: 870

And, just for the record, here are Tuesday’s stats. I didn’t even make three miles!

Time: 28 minutes 9 seconds

Distance: 2.62 miles

Average Pace: 10.46

Calories: 341


3 thoughts on “Good and bad

  1. Highway Kind says:

    When asked how motherhood had changed her she replied that she had moved from spotting trolleys to spotting diggers. Things are now larger, brighter and have more working parts.

    Well I think that is how the dialogue goes

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