My schedule said: ‘run a half-marathon, aiming to complete it in 2 hours’. So I set off with this in mind, but also had in mind the fact that this would mean knocking about seven minutes off the time I managed during last Sunday’s run, so not absolutely convinced I would do it (seven minutes might not sound a lot to a non-runner, but it takes yonks to gain that sort of increase in pace over this sort of distance…). I had been awake since five o’clock – grrrrr – as Hector was too excited to sleep, with our friend Steven and his little girl Eloise staying over. Eloise is five, and Hector is really happy playing with her, they were so sweet together, but he is just too giddy to sleep! So, I was a bit sluggish when I set off and didn’t want to set out too fast to be able to keep up a swift pace.

What an absolutely gorgeous day it is! I even set off without my hat and gloves, but soon realised I might need to wear a sweat band on my wrist on marathon day because the hat keeps the sweat out of my eyes, something I’d not really thought about before now. I’m glad it’s warming up because I have far more options for running wear in the spring/summer department than I do in my autumn/winter collection.

Things were going well, my pace was pretty hot and I was feeling good. I had, however, failed to purchase any M&S jelly babies, so was depending on just the Lucozade Sport to keep me going. We were in Covent Garden yesterday and popped in to the London Marathon shop to buy some Lucozade mix and some Body Glide (magic stuff). Outside the door there is a countdown timer and it said 42 days. Eek! Edward took a photo so I might add it when I download them from the camera later…Last Sunday I had a lovely time during my sixteen mile run, but this one felt like hard work: it might have been three miles shorter, but I was really pushing myself; it’s a different kind of pain. Instead of being overtaken, I was doing the overtaking today, and kicking my heels up as I dodged puddles and lept up kerbs. I am feeling like I should try a few five and ten km races after the marathon because I feel I have the stamina to push the pace more nowadays 🙂


At around the seven mile mark my stomach was feeling a bit dodgy, but I was nowhere near a loo, the nearest one was back along the canal near the lock, but this was a bit of a trek and not the direction I had anticipated going. I realised that I had no choice so legged it over there. Anyone who experiences ‘runner’s trots’ knows that it’s best to just slow down or stop, but I really had to go for it and it didn’t help me feel any better! Great pace though. Things felt a bit better on the return leg home, but I was determined to get there in the two hours, so was going pretty fast in the last couple of miles. Now, this is where things got a bit silly, and annoying. I decided to run to our road and, if I wasn’t quite at the finish point, I would either run up the next road or go to the end of our’s and back again. As I turned into our road, I saw Edward and the others coming back from swimming, but didn’t stop – I couldn’t, I was going too fast! I have mentioned previously that my Garmin behaves oddly on my road, it takes forever to get a signal and has ‘lost’ distance before, but this was not what I needed right now! I was going up the road and looked down, ‘12.95 miles’ it said, so I thought ‘I’ll go to that tree, run back to our house and then it will be 13.1’, so this is what I did. But the next time I looked down it said ‘12.90 miles’!! Arrrrghghghg! At the point where it should have said ‘13.1 miles’ I had run for two hours, so I am taking this to mean I did what I intended to do…and got myself a PB. Even if I go with what it says on my pesky Garmin, I still got a PB, so I shouldn’t feel to downhearted.

Damn technology, we are slaves to it!

Time: 2 hours 2 minutes 23 seconds (2 hours, thank you very much)

Distance: 12.98 miles (let’s settle at 13.1)

Average Pace: 9.26

Best Pace: 6.54

Calories: 1491

On Friday I did a quickie round the park with Hector, forgetting just how many groups of people go walking there in the morning, it was quite lively really!

Time: 31 minutes 7 seconds

Distance: 3.08 miles

Average Pace: 10.05

Calories: 378


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