6th of the 6th

I only just got out! No particular reason for leaving it so late, just the usual Saturday busyness and the day slipping away right in front of my eyes, so I waited until H was tucked up in bed and out I went. It was like day time out there, so light, but the tell tale signs were the groups of blokes with blue corner shop bags clinking with beer and the kids hanging out on corners and speeding along the pavements on bikes. Even though it was so light I avoided running around the park, don’t want to push it. So, I ended up running around the residential street and around the edge of the park. For some reason I was legging it, suppose I just wanted to get back and eat some dinner (and get away from the slimey blokes).

Juneathon Day 6

Sit-ups: 60

Press-ups: 20


Time: 28.47

Distance: 3.16 miles

Average Pace: 9.06

Best Pace: 6.25

Calories: 306

Mmmm, Edward is just bringing the most delicious smelling risotto, better go.


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