Just a little one

If I don’t get out in the morning I faff about too much and it ends up getting later and later. We had our usual Musical Mondays group this morning so no running, then Hector slept before lunch, which meant we ate quite late so, eventually, off we went at about four o’clock. Four o’clock is a good time for spotting diggers, not diggers in action, but diggers on the move. I took a detour up to a digger and dumper combo I spotted the other night on my odd Saturday night jaunt then we were treated to a passing lorry sporting the same sort of combination, a lorry carrying a roller and a jolly yellow backhoe loader whizzing along the High Road. Oh happy day.

This was a really short run which included a quick stop to buy some coriander, ginger and chillies to make a curry for dinner. I know, I know, Friday night is curry night, but we missed out then and what better way to brighten up a dull Monday than a nice hot curry?

Juneathon Day 8

Sit-ups: 2 sets of 60, 120 in total

Press-ups: 2 sets of 20, 40 in total


Time: 23 minutes 28 seconds

Distance: 2.20 miles

Average Pace: 10.41

Best Pace: 8.37

Calories: 278


4 thoughts on “Just a little one

  1. fitartist says:

    Emma-I could eat another curry right now!

    Eva-I am quite surprised myself, wish I’d made the effort to do them sooner – might have got rid of the post-baby belly a bit quicker!

    HK-I know, such in-depth knowledge! I always find myself gaining detailed knowledge of the oddest things…and I have Hector to indulge me 😉

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