‘What’s that man doing?!’

Today’s run was another delayed afternoon jaunt, but it was good to delay today as the weather was so ropey. As it was, we could have gone out at any point and not actually have got rained on, but it always had that promise in the air. We headed over to Finsbury Park, taking in the dubious delights of Green Lanes along the way…and popping in to Baldwin’s to buy some Hungarian sausages. Drool.

We went to the little playground which is at the Green Lanes end, and I quickly realised it was a bit rubbish for Hector’s age and abilities, so we just paused on a bench and he ate some (organic, sugar-free, taste-free) biscuits. I have noticed on previous occasions that this particular little play area attracts men doing exercise, I once saw a whole group of them on the ground crunching away. Today’s offering was a grunting, huffing, puffing sort pulling himself up on the monkey bars and doing press-ups with his feet up on the bench. Hector is now a very chatty sort of person, but totally unaware of the fact that sometimes you should lower your voice, so I sat there squirming every time he shouted ‘What’s the man doing?!’ with a little laugh in his voice.


We then made our way out of the park via a pigeon bothering session. As Hector ran at the birds two ducks appeared and a jay bobbed down to join in the fun.


Juneathon Day 9

Sit-ups: 2 sets of 60, 120 in total

Press-ups: 2 sets of 20, 40 in total (struggled on the second set)


Time: 41 minutes 50 seconds

Distance: 3.85 miles

Average Pace: 10.53

Best Pace: 8.49

Calories: 428


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