Rain stops play

Another run cut short by this dreary weather. It was pretty grey when we set out, but I thought we’d chance it and it started raining pretty much straight away. We persisted though, and made our way over to Bruce Castle Park where Hector was transfixed by a park keeper mowing the grass. He loves lawnmowers.

By now it was really tipping it down and I tried to encourage H to shelter with me under a tree but he was totally unconcerned about getting wet – he was dressed apropriately though I suppose, unlike me with my goosebumpy arms turning blue. I cheered up a bit when I found £1.50 in the wood chippings around the slide, always great to find money, no matter how small. When we eventually left the park my pace was really impressive as the rain dripped off my nose and I attempted to keep H covered with the buggy hood and his blanket, not that he was bothered!

This afternoon we are going to try out ‘Toddler Gymnastics’, I’m guessing by the title that I might get away with classing this as a Juneathon activity…;)

Juneathon Day 10

Sit-ups: 50

Press-ups: 20


Time: 23 minutes 33 seconds

Distance: 2.23 miles

Average Pace: 10.32

Best Pace: 7.54

Calories: 255

So this is the tenth day I have run without a break. I am wondering when it becomes a running streak. Will my ‘streak’ only last as long as Juneathon, or will I have the motivation to keep it going beyond that point? We’ll see!


5 thoughts on “Rain stops play

  1. travellinghopefully says:

    Excellent running streak! If you ever venture north, you’ll have to visit the Lawnmower Museum at Southport.

  2. Tom Roper says:

    Ten days consecutive running! Bravo! Tonight will be my first run since Sunday. I’m beginning to run out of ideas for non-running Juneathon activities. Can I count photocopying?

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