Post Paella Plod

I didn’t think it would be such a great idea to go out running just after eating a mountain of paella, but that’s just the way it is. We had Hector’s swimming lesson this morning, so no run (he was on top form, by the way, jumping in from standing, ‘surfing’ on a float…) and this afternoon he was playing so nicely it seemed wrong to disturb him.

I ended up running around the park, it was light enough and it turned out to be really busy, busier than in the daytime in fact. The BMX bit was packed with baggy-be-jeaned kids showing off their moves and there were numerous dog walkers showing off their Staffy mutts. Oh, and those really funny people who run after you for a bit and try to keep up, oh how I laughed. Just a quick jaunt to keep up my running streak.

Juneathon Day 11

Sit-ups: 70

Press-ups: 20


Time: 30 minutes 35 seconds

Distance: 3.27 miles

Average Pace: 9.21

Best Pace: 8.18

Calories: 364


2 thoughts on “Post Paella Plod

  1. Eva says:

    I love those people, so funny, so original.

    Well done on your run and stop doing those sit-ups I feel inadequate! Not really it’s fab.

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