Hot legs

That’s me! 😉

But only because this Juneathon lark is creating lots more washing and I am finding it a challenge to have the right outfit available at the right time (especially in this weird, changeable weather). This meant I was out in full-length tights and a t-shirt today and it was warm, warm, warm. I was so glad to see some fine weather this morning so we headed down to the canal via the big building site that is Tottenham Hale, quite an exciting pause as they were using the  most amazing cement pumping machine to reach the top of a tall building…always wondered how they got it up there. No sign 0f the water diggers though, maybe I should seek them out on one of my longer runs, so we can head that way on a weekday run with the guarantee of a sighting.

We paused for a little play in the Markfield Park playground then headed back home. Hector was all run/played/diggered out and fell fast asleep in the running buggy.

Juneathon Day 12

Sit-ups: 60

Press-ups: 20


Time: 42 minutes 3 seconds

Distance: 4 miles

Average Pace: 10.31

Best Pace: 7.13

Calories: 495


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