Another day another picnic another bike ride another run, oh and a swim too.

Do I get some sort of merit for the length of today’s title?

Today was the day I didn’t feel like doing my run. It’s been an action packed day and the run got left until last. This morning I joined the boys for their swim and it was really, really lovely. Hector was loving every minute and was being so adventurous and, as Edward was there too, I got to have an actual swim rather than bobbing about in the water doing squats. It felt delicious to glide through the water and I remembered how much I enjoy swimming. Just a quick ten lengths. When we got back we packed up the panniers and headed over to Hampstead Heath for a picnic to celebrate Hector’s friend’s birthday. I put the Garmin on and it measured 5.18 miles. It was blazingly hot, so quite a challenge. On our return journey though, I was defeated by a killer hill alongside Highgate Cemetery. It was so steep I actually thought I was going to go into a wheelie and tip up backwards (remember I have Hector on the back in his bike seat). I got off and pushed and found that just as hard!

This evening we had a lovely time around at Hector’s (and our) friends’ house, eating gorgeous food and catching up (what an incredibly sociable weekend we’ve had!) and then I had the challenge of getting myself out of the door after putting H to bed…and consuming a big bowl of rhubarb crumble and custard. Edward was playing devil’s advocate on the way home: ‘But you’ve been on a bike ride, you’ve been swimming. That’s enough!’ he knows that I would feel I was failing if I didn’t run now though, so was just teasing me, testing me. I told him it’s just that I’m determined, ‘stubborn’ he said.

And yes, I am stubborn and that’s what got me out of the door for a brief run. At the end of my run I entertained the lads in our corner shop by running in and buying a bar of chocolate. This is one brand that I feel counts towards Juneathon in some way: Ritter Sport.

Juneathon Day 14

(no sit-ups and press-ups today, I’ll double up tomorrow instead)

Swim: 10 lengths

Bike: 10.44 miles in 1.37.55 (this includes stops at lights and pushing up hills etc)


Time: 20 minutes 36 seconds

Distance: 2.03 miles

Average Pace: 10.09 miles

Best Pace: 6.45

Calories: 184

My Garmin was doing weird things on the run, saying I was doing a 55 minute mile at one point. I think I need a new one, four years it’s been going now!

Juneathon Week 2 Total

Runs: 7

Mileage: 20.62 miles

Sit-ups: 490

Press-ups: 160

Bike rides: 2

Distance: 14.44 miles

Swim: 1

Distance: 10 lengths


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